Metal Roof Solutions

With our 25 years plus experience with installing and restoring metal roof systems we have a solution for any problem. We have 10-20 year warranty restoration systems that meet requirements for both the Cool Roofing Rating Council and Energy Star! Installation of retro-fit and new metal roof systems are always available if needed.

Metal Roof Restoration

A metal roof can expand and contract based on the temperature. At WEBCON, Inc., we utilize a specially formulated rubber membrane coating which can stretch and bend to keep your metal roof protected.

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Foam & Coatings

Polyurethane on a dome roof

Geodesic Dome - completely foamed and coated (Acrylic Coating)

Employee applying polyurethane to a roof

Close up of foam being coated

Employee applying polyurethane to a roof

Inverted pyramids fully foamed and protected with polyurethane coating