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Steps for Restoration Process

As all metal buildings tend to move, our rubber membrane and coating has the capacity to stretch, flex, bend and twist and then retain their original configuration.

Roof Deterioration

Weather, airborne pollutants and temperature extremes combine to produce a harsh environment for metal roof systems. Thermal-shock (the rapid expansion or contraction of metal caused by dramatic temperature swings) may eventually tear open seams, cause fasteners to back out and result in leaks. The weather, damaging UV radiation, acid rain and other airborne contaminants may cause corrosion of the metal speeding deterioration which results in leaks.

Restoration Step One

Clean and prep roof deck using 3,000 PSI power wash over entire roof. This is to ensure good co-adhesion between roof deck and restoration products.


Optional Step as needed:  Installation of primer over all rusted areas. The industrial rust inhibitor will capsulate the rust and prevent it from spreading. Depending on the amount of surface rust this step will either be a spot prime or primer will be installed over entire roof surface.

Restoration Step Two

Add fasteners to all cross and down seams. Replace any loose or missing fasteners using over sized screws. This is to get roof metal fastened together as tight as possible.

Restoration Step Tree

Installation of Kraton based sealer over all fasteners, cross/down seams and around all roof protrusions. This is the work horse of the restoration system that keeps water out!

Restoration Step Four

Installation of two layers of elastomeric roof coating. This white, highly reflective coating meets the requirements of both Energy Star and the Cool Roofing Rating Council. The coating forms a membrane that protects the roofing substrate from moisture and the sun's harmful UV radiation providing exellent weathering resistance.


The entire process provides a long lasting Sustainable Roof System that water proofs and protects your existing metal roof system.