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TPO Membrane

What is TPO?

Thermoplasitc polyolefin (TPO) is one of the fastest growing segments of the commercial roofing market. TPO roofing membrane is a white reflective, energy efficient solution to your low-slope roofing needs. With a full line of tapes and accessories, TPO can now be applied without the costly heat welding system. By eliminating costly heat welding for tapes and glues you limit the chance of human error during the installation proccess. 20 year membrane warranty is available.

Two Methods of Installation

  • Totally Adhered TPO System utilizes the advances in technology by using tapes and adhessives to bond the TPO seams together. The adhessives allow this system to chemically bond with the substrate eliminating thousands of fasteners and plates required from the mech. fastened system.

  • Mechanically Fastened TPO System uses the heat welding system to bond the TPO seams together. The roof is attached to substrate using plates and screws in the seams in a specified distance apart depending on the type of the exisiting roof deck.